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Bombardeo norteamericano en Irak


Middle East

Capitalizing on U.S. Bombing, Kurds Retake Iraqi Towns

By and AUG. 10, 2014


An F/A-18C Hornet coming from Iraq landed on the flight deck of the carrier George H. W. Bush in the Persian Gulf on Sunday. Credit Hasan Jamali/Associated Press

GWER, Iraq — With American strikes beginning to show clear effects on the battlefield, Kurdish forces counterattacked Sunni militants in northern Iraq on Sunday, regaining control of two strategic towns with aid from the air.

The American airstrikes, carried out by drones and fighter jets, were intended to support the Kurdish forces fighting to defend Erbil, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan region, according to a statement by the United States Central Command. They destroyed three military vehicles being used by the militant group, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and damaged others, the statement said, adding that the warplanes also destroyed a mortar position.

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The wreckage of three heavily armed trucks lay twisted and scorched in Gwer, one of the recaptured towns, a few hours after the strikes, and body parts from at least three militants were scattered nearby. Kurdish militiamen, known as pesh merga, confirmed seeing the airstrikes, and celebrated Sunday afternoon near the still-smoldering wrecks.